It's watermelon season again. 

It made me think of a Facebook post I wrote on my page back on July 2, 2016...

     The watermelons were on sale today, I love watermelon! I was so excited I scooped up two and hurried to the checkout counter.
     As I was standing in line I had this thought,"You never used to eat watermelons." I didn't really like. In fact, most of my life watermelons grossed me out. It was connected to a repulsive memory. When I was a little girl my mother would buy watermelon and cut them into really fun slices. She would call us in from outside and talk about how wonderful and sweet the watermelon, she would call us in and talk to us about how sweet wonderful and sweet the watermelon was and as she was calling us in we would hurry inside. Once she served us the watermelon, she would then make us go to the back porch where we had to stand in front of this giant metal garbage can.

Those were hot summers in Chicago. We had no air conditioning and on the really bad days, the humid days, there would be no breeze and the sweat would just drip down your back. Just imagine that scenery and being told you cannot come in the house because the watermelon would make a mess.

She would make us lean over and into the garbage can to eat the watermelon all while inhaling fumes of garbage that of course was several days old. (garbage pick up was only one day a week)

Now picture the flies as they swarmed around your ears and face. It was a revolting experience, to say the least, one felt as though they would vomit. I am certain you can imagine. The fun of eating watermelon was soon diminished or as in my case, removed altogether.

You might say, "Why didn't she just send you outside?"

Well, there were lots of children in the neighborhood and we were poor. There wasn't enough watermelon for everyone. I suppose my momma meant well, she wanted to treat us to something special like "A watermelon that was on sale."

As I stood in the line waiting for my turn to check out, my thoughts were drawn to how the Lord redeems things in the lives of His children. And as I waited I began to thank the Lord or watermelon and how much I loved it now.

I was trying to recall when it was exactly that I changed from hating watermelon to loving it. It had to be sometime when I was in my early thirties when the conversation came up and a friend said to me, "Well, you're not on our momma's back porch anymore."

They were right! My location had changed and I now had been given the luxury of air-conditioning and the ability to make the decision of how and when I would eat watermelon. And so, I ate watermelon and I loved it!

Suddenly, I was free from the memory of those early years.

As I continued to wait in line, I began to thank Jesus again for watermelon. This time I could hear the Holy Spirit whisper to me, He said, "You know, your being able to eat watermelon today and not have it connected to the emotions and experiences of your childhood is so likened to how Father God restores 'original design' to his children."

He heals us and restores us to the person he created us to be, with the characteristics he designed us to have.

He breaks the strongholds off of hearts that prohibiting us from living our lives to the fullest. —He invites us to come off the back porch.

He heals the injustice. You know, those things that happened in our lives that aren't necessarily considered "bad," but were incidents that the enemy used to twist our perception and rob us of joy—The Lord removes the garbage can.

The enemy comes to distort, to warp, to muddy up everything that surrounds our character and our purpose. He comes to make us feel putrid and undesirable— So the Lord causes the flies to go away.

Yeah, the enemy strikes against your soul, your original design, your purpose.
But watermelon was created to be refreshingly enjoyed in fun celebratory surroundings and so were you!

The Lord is always very simply and sweetly coming to us to say, "You don't have to stay on the back porch anymore. I can change your location. allow me to serve you. When I'm around, the watermelon is always on sale."

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